Sunday, June 15, 2008

tamara child treasure purse

This is something that sort of got away on me. I started thinking I'd make a simple little purse for a girl who's turning five. I sewed the one centred butterfly on with the beaded letters. Then added another butterfly, cut out of scraps and tested the blanket-stitch on my new-used sewing machine. Not bad. Then...added another butterfly to try to fill it out a little. Then tested more stitches, failing to master the french knot again. Covered that mess up with a "flower" of pink ribbon. Then that was indecipherable as anything but a "blob" I added little stitches to the centre...sewed the whole design on the turquoise animal back and it was crooked - so added that felt flower on lower left to balance that out...and it just went ON AND ON! What was supposed to take me a half hour -- an hour tops -- took at least two, maybe three, I think! I had to laugh at myself at eleven at night! Crazy! Then I just had to line it with this great silver fabric that is perfect for costumes...But all that said, I was very pleased to be giving it to a sweet, dramatic and energetic young girl. Obviously named Tamara. I hope she likes it. Despite the flaws. I don't LOVE it but it's cute for a child and made with affection.

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