Thursday, June 19, 2008

Anna Maria Horner fabric

Look at this lovely fabric at designer anna maria horner's shop. I have a swap to sew for soon -- placemats and napkins -- and am debating using this. If I can find it in Toronto. I am hoping the workroom will be bringing it in in time for me to make them before the July 7th shipping deadline. If not, I will use something in my GROWING MASSIVE stash of fabric. I am hooked. It's a new vice. Eek. Stop me!

Today was a nice morning with the children, taking them both out to do errands. We did the boring stuff -- ink cartridge for the printer...and then down the street to cafe Patachou for a snack. It's a nicely decorated cafe (with a kind of modernist-nature theme) full of ladies-who-lunch and designer types and I loved how animated my 5 and 3-year olds were at the sight of origami birds hanging, and a row of (fake but gorgeous) wedding cakes. And confusion when the waiter "interrupted" our conversation. Then off down the street to a very expensive French frou-frou design/decor/perfume shop, to "peek". I thought they'd run screaming, as it's totally over the top with girlie stuff. This place is a very gorgeous but dangerous to take two youngsters. Glass piled everywhere, ostrich feathers, narrow lanes between antiques, glasses piled, liquid scent balanced on a tray balanced on a get the picture...but they loved it! We smelled and voted on perfume, tried on massive straw hats, and my son coveted a chunk of fool's gold used as a decor accessory. He had a two dollar allowance. It actually cost 69 dollars. So uh -- no. Anyway, it was so pretty & over the top. Just a nice moment with kids. You know when you walk along with your kids, and they brighten the faces of the people who pass? A morning like that.

That's all for now. Work is taking over so will post some new projects in a few days. Have a lovely Friday and weekend. xo ella

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