Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's been a longggggggg time. Lots has happened since I last posted over a year ago. Things like separation. Takes the wind out of the knitting sails, that's for sure! I might return to this blog or I might start a new one about Real Life! Stay well and keep making things. Maybe I'll be back.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Spring Got Eaten Up!

Here it is, July, and I have not written since May! I'm still here, just very busy with my work projects and children. I am still making things, though, and will catch up on posting soon! Latest is a Burda dress in quilting cotton (rather bulbous as there's zero drape), a Japanese pattern for a blouse made with orange/white gingham, and some knitting. Lots of knitting.

Post soon, don't give up on me!

xx ella

Thursday, May 14, 2009

cloudpuff baby sweater

More details on Ravelry.

I knit this recently for a friend's new baby girl. Not perfect, but I'm happy with it.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

lunenburg trip

A month gone by and here are the remains of the day...

I sold my old house in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

Here are a few images from the trip there to clear it all out.

It was lovely, but it's time to move on!

Now for some pics.

This is not a quilt. I found it when I was house-clearing. Can you guess what it is?

That is correct. Seven year old German gourmet chocolates from a quick trip to Berlin when I was newly pregnant and very spaced out! Guess I forgot to give them away -- or eat them! The tin is pretty though -- orange. I think I kept it. I'll know when I open my boxes...

I've had this place for fifteen years, and it was special. But it's time to move on. Here it is mid-clear-out.

This primitive rocking chair went to a friend.

I love this old typewriter...but as it doesn't work, it was donated to the world at large. That's right -- left on a curb.

A favourite old lamp -lit up, it looks gorgeous. Not lit up, you can really see the plastic strips. I sold it for a few bucks to a junk store.

The best fishcakes in the world as far as I know. Magnolia's in Lunenburg. Served with rhubarb chutney....mmmmm. Addictive.

Or of course you may order fishcake and an egg.


Friday, March 20, 2009

sneakers in fantasyland

...well, imagine we had a lot of disposable income...for things like these...would they take me back to grade seven?...where would they take you?...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Anna Maria Horner - Good Folks

Look at spring, in fabric!

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Couple Raglan Sweaters in Progress...and some sweet links

This is a v-neck cardigan for my son, 6. Cotton/wool blend. Ravelled here. From the top-down sweater formula (see below). I love these colours. You?

Here is a baby sweater in progress, for a friend. It's super soft. Organic cotton.

Adapted from a brilliant Raglan Pattern Formula here. WAY easier than you might think, once you go through it and sort out what the heck the centre front stitches are doing. I'm a beginning knitter! This little baby sweater (for an impending girl) will only take one ball of some yummy "Blue Sky" cotton yarn. Ten bucks! Can't go wrong, baby.


I see that Lynne at Sugar City is now hooked on the knitting. I LOVE that. She and her sister-in-law are brilliant clothing/decor designers, so...the future bodes well for more cool knit patterns. I am like a crazed knitting-book consumer now. Dozens wait for me at the library. It's nice because unlike sewing (which I still and will always love) it is mobile. Silent. Stealthy.


Okay, here's a little gift.

Links to free patterns for very COOL designs. Trust me, I've been scanning ravelry and the net for freebie patterns and there are some gorgeous, free, inspired knit projects. There are lots of places where you can find links to free patterns. These are simply curated by Ms Kelly at toast n eggs. That is, me. Totally biased.

Enjoy, for today:

crocheted flowers
5-hour baby sweater (knit)