Monday, July 28, 2008

And one more thing...

My "Muskoka" pillow is now in the shop. Thanks to a 2 am wake-up. What was that all about? No kids were was just me...staring at the dark ceiling. Thought I'd check my email...hopped up...looked at some blogs...thought -- aha! Add my pictures to Etsy! And there you go.

I wonder if anyone will order anything. Custom orders are probably a nerve-wrecking venture for the commissionner. (Is that word? ) I will impose a happiness-guaranteed refund motto, I suppose. Never know, as a buyer, if you might get a hideous church-bake-sale style item for top dollar. I promise -- no acrylic knit socks with Pom Poms.

Not that there's anything WRONG with those.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

my small shop

I am excited to report I have put three things in my shop: A neater version of this robot wallet that started my embroidery craze, the robot pal embroidery (both of which will be totally custom) and a perfected version of that yellow summer dress, which I suppose will also be custom, basically. I'm loving hand-embroidery "drawings" and every robot is a little different. If you like, check it out here.

Do you think showing these "prototypes" in the shop is okay?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

To Do: A To Do List!

Good morning. I am just getting the hang of this blogging and all the responsibility it entails. Like: blog at least every few days. Take decent pictures of the stuff I make -- bad camera? no excuse. Bad light? No excuse. No Macro? No bloggo! Also -- when you do a "giveaway" make sure people actually get the thing you're giving away. Does anyone else have a sort of permanent avoidance of MAILING anything? In the mail? You know -- stamps? When will we be able to email PACKAGES? How Star Trek. Maybe I've taken too many Advil this morning...This weekend I'll try to send out the giveaway I promised in JUNE. Gracious.

Monday, July 21, 2008

toys for little boys

Here are a few recent things made before or during my recent trip...I had a long unexpected bus ride so embroidery was the perfect escape and I did the robot and the boy face while travelling to Cape Breton...ahh......:)

1. a boy doll for a sweet 6-month old baby boy. I made it of organic cotton (except the pants, just some leftover cotton my mum had) so baby can chew on it.

2. a rabbit guy, for the same baby, who likes chewing on rabbit's ears, much to my delight (made this a few months ago) ...dig the whiskers, my favourite part. (I made sure they were VERY secure).

3. for a lovely five-year old boy, a small (3 1/2" tall) embroidered robot on linen...lousy photos, sorry...where was the natural light and macro setting? Hm...I dunno...

I love making these creatures...especially when I see how much plastic and nasty violent fire-breathing guys the little boys inherit...i had been dragging a big piece of linen around on my vacation and embroidering some corner or another while at the airport or wherever -- nice! But I was SO HAPPY to have my arms wrapped around my little ones again when I came home. It was the longest I had ever been away from them.


Here are my placemats and napkins for the Bend-the-Rules-Sewing Swap.
I'm afraid my choice of fabric made Amy Karol's design impossible -- it would have been weird to add more lines. So with apologies to Amy, but definitely inspired by her work, here they are.
Japanese cotton/linen blend with linen backs. Unlined napkins. I hope my recipient likes them....[fingernail chewing]. To make up for the fact I REALLY bent the rules, I included a little linen bag with a bird applique to hold the whole thing in. And of course a recipe for flourless chocolate cake.

Friday, July 18, 2008

back from vacation...

I just returned from a high school reunion in Nova Scotia...woo hoo! I do think they water down the vodka at the church hall parties, though. I'm pretty sure. I have not been blogging but I have been making some robot embroideries. I'll post 'em soon! Enjoying the heat, everyone?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

triceratops...i think

A large pillow made for a child turning 5. I was aiming for "triceratops" but this is really hopeless. I tried to salvage it with embroidery but...uh, no. What triceratops has three legs? Um...well at least it's soft. :)

Halifax Harbour this evening

Looking south towards George's Island.

Placemats for Swap

Finally finished making the "Bend the Rules Sewing" placemat and napkin set for a swap. I am late sending it by two days (bad rookie swapper - bad) so I will add extra postage for speed AND (penance!) I made a special extra thing for my swap's a peek. After she receives the package you'll be able to see the whole thing. For now it's a secret. I did some of the work on the plane to the east coast!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

yay! what can i make now!?

Well, I finished my work ("work"-work) and am excited to start making things again! I have so many ideas. For example, I actually saw a cute girls' dress at the Gap (how DID I wander in there, anyway?) Indian gathered-style hippy dresses, navy with cream embroidery - and alternative version, cream with navy embroidery -- and I got inspired to make my own items. For me. :) I have handkerchief-weight navy cotton already (washed and ready to go) that I had imagined as a skirt for my daughter. Problem is I am now dreaming of making a floaty top or dress for myself...embroidered here and there with cream french knots...and stitches. I only have one dress-up dress so I need another, don't you think? Yup!

On another sewing note -- I can't find a pattern on anywhere for a tunic (I love tunics) -- you know, with a slit neck -- perhaps a little like this lovely Virginia Johnson item. Does anyone have a tip on something that? I'd appreciate advice. In the meantime, I downloaded the free top and dress patterns from Burda so I might use that as a base to start creating...

The other new thing I MUST make is my swap! I am to sew placemats and napkins for a swap and I'm excited to get to that. I'll post pics when I'm done, after the weekend.

I finished a new boy's Hawaiian-style shirt...I'll show you soon!

For now, take in these two yummy things from Nicky at Monster-Munch. Here is a poster/tutorial on how to make a sock monster. Very cute. Check out her site.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

work work work

This is what I feel like today. The whole family has gone off for fun summer day, leaving me to work on my day job (which I do at home). Sometimes having a job is a bother, isn't it? It's lonely in the little cubicle of my work-mind sometimes. Which is when I start peeking at blogs...and dreaming up dresses and things. Anyway...back to it. If I'm a good little bunny today maybe I can play tomorrow.

A cutie-pie tutorial

I just discovered Pink Penguin's tutorial on how to make a cutie-pie shabby-chic style patchwork odds'n'ends bag/basket, a pencil case (above), and a clutch-style bag. I could see her bag/basket being enlarged and making an even sturdier, and just as pretty basket for toys, towels, or magazines. Maybe in super-mod fabrics...hmm. Check it out. Also check out the excellent tutorial on how to make what she calls a "camera case" that I could see being used to make a clutch! In fact I owe my friend H. a clutch purse and we'll see how this works with fuschia silk...mmmm. But I like PP's use of linen and black. Nice.

On another note -- I haven't forgotten about my giveaway recipients! I'll send those treats out soon. A work deadline is eating up my crafty hoo...:<