Friday, March 20, 2009

sneakers in fantasyland

...well, imagine we had a lot of disposable income...for things like these...would they take me back to grade seven?...where would they take you?...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Anna Maria Horner - Good Folks

Look at spring, in fabric!

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Couple Raglan Sweaters in Progress...and some sweet links

This is a v-neck cardigan for my son, 6. Cotton/wool blend. Ravelled here. From the top-down sweater formula (see below). I love these colours. You?

Here is a baby sweater in progress, for a friend. It's super soft. Organic cotton.

Adapted from a brilliant Raglan Pattern Formula here. WAY easier than you might think, once you go through it and sort out what the heck the centre front stitches are doing. I'm a beginning knitter! This little baby sweater (for an impending girl) will only take one ball of some yummy "Blue Sky" cotton yarn. Ten bucks! Can't go wrong, baby.


I see that Lynne at Sugar City is now hooked on the knitting. I LOVE that. She and her sister-in-law are brilliant clothing/decor designers, so...the future bodes well for more cool knit patterns. I am like a crazed knitting-book consumer now. Dozens wait for me at the library. It's nice because unlike sewing (which I still and will always love) it is mobile. Silent. Stealthy.


Okay, here's a little gift.

Links to free patterns for very COOL designs. Trust me, I've been scanning ravelry and the net for freebie patterns and there are some gorgeous, free, inspired knit projects. There are lots of places where you can find links to free patterns. These are simply curated by Ms Kelly at toast n eggs. That is, me. Totally biased.

Enjoy, for today:

crocheted flowers
5-hour baby sweater (knit)


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Zoom-Zoom Library Bag

I recently made this doubled/interfaced library bag for a little boy turning 5. Love that Echino scooter fabric. I bought a few fat quarters in different colourways. Excuse the wacky variances in late winter light...

Do you have a nice bag for the library?


Thursday, March 5, 2009

paperwhites and a new table

How decadent.
We have a new table!

Once in a long while I enter the dining area in my house and the light is so lovely, it seems to erase dirt, scratches, cheap office chairs' hideousness...and it looks quite nice. It's my favourite spot in the house. We have a lovely fellow named Thomas King (via Smash) to thank; he designed and made our table over the Christmas holidays - we didn't have a table for Christmas dinner. We were using my Ikea MDF table covered in a table-cloth.

You can see some of the grey left on the boards. I love that.

The new table is made of old barnboard coated in a thick laquer and screwed to a base of steel. We're happy with it. Plus, with the addition of these crazy thick layers of self-levelling laquer, it wipes clean perfectly, too. We went to "Smash" in Toronto to ask for advice on having a rustic table built for less than a fortune. They were so helpful and great there. I recommend it, and Thomas.

Just thought I'd share. I love seeing pictures of other bloggers' homes. I will probably never show you the rooms full of debris and chaos....but they certainly exist. Don't let this perfectly-lit sweet spot fool you. I recall I kicked the toys and laundry away into a corner. And the curtains need hemming. Bonus if you spot the pins. And you can see a sliver of red laundry bag there on the left....


Hello, Dolly

Having a rest.

Here is a doll I made (with help) recently, based on Emily's adorable Black Apple dolls
that many of you may have seen.

I love her.

This gal has orangey-blonde "hair" (velvet), a pale pink body, embroidered face (Emily paints hers), a recycled cashmere sweater dress, and boots made of bits of an old scarf that was accidentally felted. One night my guy actually helped me finish her and stuff her little legs. He carefully used a knitting needle to poke stuffing into limb ends.

It was a lovely night -- my man and me, crafting up a storm. A new trend? Nah. It didn't take. Manhood intact. ;}

But he had to admit later, he was pretty damn good at stuffing dolls. If he cared to do such a thing again.

Have a great day.

xo, ella

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Leonard Cohen

I was driving my son to school and after the drop-off my 3 year-old, along for the ride, listened to Leonard Cohen in a recorded live performance, on the radio. Singing "Hallelujah".

She wanted to know about it. I described him as an old man, a famous Canadian. She listened to the song intently and it was pretty emotional, hearing his ragged old voice. Then this morning the original recording of him as a young man was on the radio and I pointed it out. "That's the old man when he was young. The same song." And she took note of this. Really listened.

I'm not sure why that makes her brilliant, to me, but it does.