Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oh my gracious.

There are such beautiful blogs out there. I am discovering such a lovely, female, gentle community that is attached to handcrafting. I am addicted. I want to go there...and there...and there... For example, last night I discovered this unbelievably beautiful blog. Sugar City Journal.

It is by far my current favourite. Look at those stairs! And the dresses! And coats! Hours of yummy entertainment. Two sisters-in-law share the blog and are obviously very very gifted.

My pal in LA sent me a comedy bit. You MUST check out Demetri Martin's comedy act if you want a laugh. Somehow he's connected to arts and craft. Those drawings....what do you guys think?

Have a nice Wednesday. More pictures coming later today. A patchwork cushion & a crazy embroidery...

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