Sunday, June 15, 2008

Stinkbug shorts hit the dirt

Here are the completed "stinkbug shorts" I wrote about a couple weeks ago. Finally. Yesterday I put them on my son and proceeded to a 5-year old birthday party outdoors, where he got into dirt, pink lemonade, pizza, chocolate ice cream cake, and mysterious globs from the plant nebulae or something - or maybe that's just cedar chip debris. So, technically, these are "before" pictures. I have to say I'm kind of happy with them especially considering they are a version of that one-piece pants pattern I found on line (see a previous stinkbug post about that). The favourite part for me is the brown hand-stitching on the back pockets. But that's just me. I'm into those little hand-stitches these days. Also, I was concerned a lack of zipper on the front would look goofy on a boy his age -- but it was okay, I think. So -- now to check and see if my spot-cleaner really works. :)

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