Monday, June 30, 2008

flower embroidery in progress

I started with a few French knots, inspired by this tutorial. Then...I kept expanding the knots. And expanding. Now I have a lot of filling in to do...maybe. I think I'll add streaks of pink and red to the petals and call it quits...any ideas? It's about 4 inches across now...I think I will use this on a throw pillow...

The strange thing about embroidery for me is that it's like making little drawings. Sometimes I just start, with a stitch, and a colour, and then react to that "mark", whatever it is, by adding more, then deciding what it could be, then start that way. It's very relaxing and I love it. I don't really have a mind to a finished product, but I am keen to create utilitarian stuff. That said, I like (the very talented!) Jodie's idea to simply put the owls on the wall. Maybe to watch down over a little person sleeping...Hoo! Hoo! Have a lovely Monday.

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karyn said...

I love these embroidered drawings you do, they are very sweet. I would love to see a little collection of those in the embroidery hoops, hanging on a wall.