Tuesday, June 3, 2008

today: new (used) rotary cutter...& stinkbug

Alrighta! This morning, on kijiji (on-line classifieds) here in my city I found a stash of sewing stuff for sale. Someone selling unused sewing odds and ends, and for 30 bucks I received a Kai rotary 5045 cutter, gold embroidery snips, pounds of buttons, velcro, hooks and eyes, and odds and ends. I'm most excited about the rotary cutter. Which is new to me. Now to get a cutting mat. (This used to be the way to go in art school -- an Exacto knife, rubber cement, and Letraset, making collages and slicing out the little letters to stick on...which would never go on quite straight...pre-Mac computers! That's right, kiddies, PRE-COMPUTER! ;)

This week my mission is to make boy-shorts. I bought some lime linen to make them for my son (from a tutorial from craftsanity (http://www.craftsanity.com/project/files/project19.html) but I'm stuck on the embroidery detail on a back pocket. He wants a "stinkbug". After finding a picture, I started. The first one I attempted was about 3" high, which alarmed the boy. He saw it and made that "ummm...uh..." face. So -- back to the drawing board. I just finished a smaller one. He's happier. I appreciate a child's honesty! And it was fun. I'll post the finished shorts soon. I hope.

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