Saturday, June 7, 2008

and the winner is...

Heidi. She will be receiving a custom clutch bag for posting the first comments. Which I accidentally deleted. Gist of it was, "nice work!". Thank you to friends who said nice things about "toast'n'eggs". I finally admitted I was secretly blogging. Came out of the crafty closet! The glitch is, a friend won my "first comments wins a treat" contest. So here's the scoop: if I don't know you personally (yet?) and you leave comments, you, too will win something lovely! Good luck!

Latest around here is my excitement about borrowing the book "The Constance Howard Book of Stitches" ISBN 0713489383. It's full of the most amazing stitches for embroidery. Very 70's and organic, some of them. But this is obviously a classic. Check it out -- I haven't sorted how to write "here" and then link. So here's the link to one bookseller chosen at random.*listing*title

Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

thanks ella. i look forward to receiving my clutch.
(clutch much?) my boyfriend Oscar also thinks your stuff is v. cool. He especially likes the robot and thinks you have a real eye for fabric/colour. (he's also my stylist)

CieAngel said...

I really liked reading your blog. I will be back to check it out again.

ella kelly said...

Thanks, anonymous & oscar. Must be nice to have a stylist! And thanks, cleanangel. Good name. I'd have to be "slob angel". xo ella