Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Shoes!

At the very cool Habitat shoes.

Ahhh. Do you ever have those fantasies where you win a lottery ( a big one) and plan the actions you will take? Look at these shoes. These are part of my rich girl life.

Maybe I'm being a goof. I'm taking antihistamines that are expired. Is that okay? Hm. I'm sneezing my head off...what can I do?

I'm half asleep, scrolling the web for I don't-know-what...I think I'm addicted. I think I should set time limits on my surfing.

I think I better go to sleep. And you? You should read today's post from Jodie at Ric Rac. It's funny.

x ella


13mimosa said...

So funny that I came across you today via your post on mine and then my next post is on shoes! I know what you mean about prices, in desperation I remembered net-a-porter from somewhere and thought perhaps I'd find clothes I liked on there. Logged on, saw the prices and didn't look further than the first couple of pages.

Foxy said...

Those shoes are so cute