Sunday, August 24, 2008

Boy's Shirt

As school was wrapping up in June, my five-year-old son requested a "Hawaiian" shirt. I searched through vintage mens' shirt racks for material to make a small shirt out of a large one. I had a pattern -- Simplicity 5581.

A bit goofy (dig the multidirectional fabric) but perfectly fine -- plus it included hat patterns which by then I was looking for. But no luck finding vintage shirts (too much polyester) or shirt material (too tacky). But then I noticed this Amy Butler fabric. (I promised I am not obsessed with Amy Butler fabric...despite appearances.) The shirt neckline was a little tricky to sort out but successfully I made the collar smaller (i.e. less 1989 than the pattern). It's now the "party shirt" and J. wears it with pride. Yay!


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