Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bent Silberg Find

(photo from The Mid-Century Modernist)

In a dumping site for furniture I found two side tables. I was dropping old baby stuff off at the Value Village here and was disgusted that some people just toss stuff into the parking lot and let it get rained on. (You're supposed to bring it inside if there's no attendant. Okay, so I read the signs.) Anyway, I brought my kids' stuff inside like a good little doo-bee, and emerged and headed for my car, sniffing at the vultures rooting around in the chaos of the sad junk pile accumulating regardless of weather, when I spotted some teak. I stopped. Then got into my car. Then got out of my car.

I'm not normally a lover of teak. But my husband is, among other things, a mid-century modern fan. Me, I am only interested in free furniture that might be paintable, able to be transformed. So. I thought of my guest room redecoration -- remember? Only a few pennies' worth of work allowed?

I yanked aside a nasty MDF table, a wet carpet, and found two Danish Modern side tables with linen magazine holders. They were dirty, but not beyond all hope. This type of thing is not my speed, normally, but they might do in the new guest room configuration if I re-do the linen, which is unbelievably shabby but also easy to replace. Plus they were about to be rained on.

It's been a while since I brought home free finds. I think I might use something other than linen to replace the WRECKED linen fabric magazine hanger portion. There are SO many cool fabrics out there and changing it up would be so easy.

The picture up there is a nice version of the set I found-- mine are identical but filthy. More pics of the one above here. Genuine Bent Sigler. (I know, I didn't know him from Adam, either, as my mum would say.) But I found him on line. Danish, 50's. Cool, right?

I'll keep you posted on how they turn out. Right now they're hiding in the basement waiting for a few hours' work. I'd better take a "before" picture, right?


Have a great Wednesday.


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