Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kids' Trunk Show & Guest Prep

Crocheted donuts!

Wow, the Kids' Trunk Show at the Workroom was amazing. I am so happy I had both childrens' portraits done (watercolour and pencil) by Zeezee Powers. Thrilled. I also picked up a wool starfish (I want it for wall...but I'll sacrifice it for Christmas, I guess)..and some gorgeous crocheted cookies and donuts for tea parties. I'll post pics tomorrow after I ask the makers. Everyone's "trunk" display was so cute.

I'm exhausted tonight from doing the turbo-house-clean that one does when guests are coming for a few days. Do you do that? Phew. House looks great. Thank goodness people visit us once in a while. Otherwise, we'd wallow in our own filth for far too long. Also I needed that adrenaline to mow the lawn like a crazy woman last night, (perhaps) driving the neighbours batty as I staggered around in the dusk with the push-mower as they tried to have an elegant dinner on their new deck, two yards down. Oh, well. At least it wasn't a leaf blower or chain saw, right? Sigh.



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