Friday, August 29, 2008

grey bubble tunic & labour day weekend

I loved this fabric and imagined a cushion cover (why does it always start there? hm..) and ended up making a little tunic for my daughter. It falls to the mid-thigh and usually ties with a soft organic cotton ribbon in a natural colour. I love it. It was fiddly and no pattern but I like the yellow trim and the boat neck. It was easy except I forgot out allowances on the hems of other words, they were a bugger to hem. But it looks cute on V. (my 3 year old) and I think I'd make another one.

This is Labour Day Weekend in Canada. Monday is off. We're at the in-laws' farm...and school starts on Tuesday. I have started doing some experimental embroidery stuff for cushions...some bubbles...or circles...or something. We'll see how that goes. Also I was recently inspired by some Brice Marsden drawings to do embroidery that mimics roughly drawn lines. It's an experimental weekend as we spend the last summer days with the urchins...have a lovely weekend.


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Wild Idle said...

v. cool garment: design & fabric.
And love the Queen Elizabeth hanger - it might have come from the room where John and Yoko did their bed-in!!

Thanks again for dinner. Your blog is great!

I'm actually looking for some fabric with a Tiki design for my office windows drapes. Wild about tiki!!!