Sunday, October 26, 2008

the trim A-liner

I found this as a yard sale this summer for 25c . Might be just the pattern for an cozy autumn dress for V. Some other kids' patterns I bought had a particular note on the front that really irked me and must have driven moms crazy in the 60s: "Not suitable for chubby girls."



Imagine those poor 1965-era "chubby" girls who were perfectly healthy and happy, aving a nice day with their mothers, until they fell in love with a dress pattern, only to realize....HORROR...they are 'CHUBBY' and the swish new dress is 'UNSUITABLE'. Really. Ousted from the fashionable world by a stamp likely placed on the design by a nasty little man who eats lettuce for breakfast.

Well, my little V. is a skinny thing...but even if she weren't stick-like I'd make those "unsuitable" patterns work with some expansion techniques and love. And a piece of black tape covering the offending statement. So there.


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