Wednesday, October 22, 2008

hallowe'en costume request

Okay. So I made the collosal mistake of asking my five year old what he'd like to be for Hallowe'en. Here's what he drew.

"Witch on top with ghost film over face, pumpkin head, witch top, monster middle, red and black witch skirt, monster middle, chains on ghost legs. And monster feet."

Uh, huh.

So a few days later I asked him what he would like to be (hoping he'd forget his original answer and say "a ghost"), and he recited this all again verbatum!!!! So, no he wasn't trying to press my buttons with crazy improvised answer the first time.


Wish me luck on this one.

PS - I suggested specific things tothe three-year old, telling myself she would have her chance to be really crazy/creative when she's five, too. Right? I drew the pic for her and she approved. Whew.

So I made the skirt yesterday of cheap black stuff and she decided to do interpretive dancing in it. Sweet.

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13mimosa said...

Well I love the child drawn costume request and think it would be seriously cool. Come on mum, get cracking!