Sunday, October 26, 2008

hey there, dollface

There's something so satisfying about making a doll and doll clothes for my daughter. Even though V. strips the clothes off pretty much right away. (She's 3). My mother made tons of fashionable clothes for my Barbie childhood neighbour even crocheted her daughter's doll clothes. It was pretty crazy.

This new one I made for my girl is mostly based on the "inside a black apple" doll. (video tutorial and pattern is here!) I mixed up the head with another pattern, somehow! I didn't have felt for the hair so I tried stitching the outline. I gave it my daughter's colouring. And the dress was a quickie, using scraps. But I did zig zag the dress edges so it wouldn't fray TOO quickly.

My girl likes her.

Yay. It's hard to find lovely cuddly-soft dolls that are appealing after baby age, you know? They all have hard plastic faces. This one, a girl can roll over on in her sleep and not get poked in the cheek with prickly eyelashes...

Now, here's a real doll maker: I love Jodie's dolls here -- and she makes an entire wardrobe for each one. Spectacular.

We're stripping off and getting ready for a spa day, perhaps?

V. used to call everything "Anna" but now she's getting more creative. So far the poor dear is nameless. We'll see who she becomes. For now she's just "dolly".



Jodie said...

She has great eyes - you have very neat handsewing - mine is dreadful !

ella kelly said...