Tuesday, October 21, 2008

finished rust log cabin pillow

Okay, quick post, to say hi. Here's the finished log cabin patchwork pillow I started a week or so ago. My first log cabin, done old-style with lights on one corner and darks on the other. I don't love love love it any more, but it's done. Funny how that works. I like it, though. Must have been that short-lived craving of fall colours. Fleeting.

I used autumn-coloured scraps -- linen, kona cotton, old 80's floral, lucien stuff...

...belgian gingham from a failed hat project, my husband's orange shirt...

I finally sewed up the sides and used a zip closure. I stuck an old pillow inside it, thus the stiff look. The hand-quilting is in red -- big stitches. I have yet to use my new walking foot.

I made those other cushions you see on the couch last winter when I first started sewing again. When I decided I could have a "hobby". For me. Before it all took over my life...haha.


Susan Graham said...

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rustic bedroom furniture said...

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Susan Graham

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