Wednesday, October 1, 2008

a lost robot

I'm kind of sad about this robot. I made him for a child who shall go unnamed...he was about 8" high, a big one...and zig-zagged the linen edges so it wouldn't fray...and wrapped it and handed it over to the folks and said "I want to put him on a pillow! Take a look and send him back when you can and I'll finish him up. Just drop it in the mail box." They are practically next door.

I wanted to sew him to a boy-boy pillow for the child's bed. The embroidery was all done and I was quite happy with the guy.

As usual,, birthday gifts for six-year-olds are opened after the party. It was a lovely party. But...

I think the package went AWOL. The parents avoid responding about the gift, and I suspect it was accidentally tossed in the flurry of a million plastic gifts wrapped in paper. I've said a couple times "I must finish that pillow. You know...the robot?" They nod, looking away, a nervous smile on their lips. Hmmm...

Oops. It happens...I understand. I would just like to hear "We lost it! Man!" and all would be well.

But I think next time the kid gets a book.


Somewhere, this robot is beeping. Maybe on a barge full of garbage. Adios!



13mimosa said...

Poor f...ella x Honestly I can deal with and get over, it's the not knowing that hurts.

ella kelly said...

Thanks, 13m! Ah, well! I have a picture. I suppose I shouldn't have sent out a half-finished gift that was a flat as a piece of paper....haha...duh!