Wednesday, October 15, 2008


We all went to a country fair over the Thanksgiving weekend.
It's a festival that's been on the go for sixty years or so. Nice barn, huh?

Here are my kids, waiting for the next horseback riding competitor.

That's me in the pink t-shirt...Yes, I'm at the top of the Fun Slide. Sigh. What can ya do?

We ate questionable French Fries...

...pretended to go really really fast on a really really slow train...petted bunnies and chicks...

...listened (and even danced to) a family fiddle group.

Then we were somewhat startled to witness a "souped-up lawn tractor" racetrack. Crazy.

Yes. It really does say "ONTARIO EXTREME LAWN TRACTOR RACING". You know? Who thought this one up?

And those are not our kids. Ours were covering their ears and whining for cotton candy.

Yes. Here comes the lawn tractor now. Not a blade of grass in sight. Only things this baby's cutting are my EARDRUMS.

And here's the crowd! Loving it. Woah.

But anyway...the rest of it, the farmy stuff and kids' rides...was nice. 'Til it got too damn hot to stand out there with no shade. So we called it a day. Or, in our family, a half-day. Feels like a day when you reach 2 pm, don't you think?

Then, back to my in-laws' home for Thanksgiving dinner. My MIL, a very talented cook, made spicy roast chicken, Jamaican "rice and peas", sweet-roasted squash, & gravy. Dessert was pumpkin pie and fresh whipped cream. Oh. My.

Thanks for going on this family weekend ride. Back to sewing/craft stuff soon. But here's another tree picture.

Tomorrow I'll post on a few new sewing projects. And maybe a sewing "to do" list? Hm. Should I make failures public, is the question. Hmmm.

Have a great night.
xo ella

ps - oh yes - the workroom had a big one-year anniversary party and it was great with wine and lucky draws and cake and i hope that it runs a long long time and okay that's all for now.

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13mimosa said...

Love the look of the fair - those things were something I definitely poo-pooed pre children but now, I can enjoy the hokiest of things.