Monday, October 20, 2008

breakfast with mister cloud

Mister Cloud cries for happiness. Don't cry, Mister Cloud. I'll share my espresso with you.

Ah, fresh joe.

(Mister Cloud, you like coffee? Dark, syrupy espresso, hopefully fair trade, and not over-roasted a la *&%#bucks.) Personally, that's my choice. No sugar, no milk. You?)

And would you like some naturally-raised bacon fried up right, in my wonky pan?
You're vegetarian?
Oh. How embarrasing.
Let's see...

How about an apple?


I'm about to dive into work again this week. I'm catching up with everyone's blogs and it's so fun to have them stockpiled in my reader. (Do you use a reader?)

Back to coffee for a minute. A favourite subject. (Sorry, tea-drinkers. I admire your health but...) I go to a great place here called "Cherry Bomb". It has a minimalist Ikea/70's theme and service is fast and friendly. I'm a coffee addict. Always have been...since grade ten or so.

These pics of questionable quality are of a few freehand embroideries I did on a car trip recently. That cloud one was totally inspired by the Japanese kyuuto trend, I admit.
Sorry, these are blurry. Crummy camera.

When in doubt as to what to embroider, you can never go wrong with a bird.

Hope you have a sweet Monday.

xo ella

1 comment:

13mimosa said...

Love these, you should frame them, I'd love a series in the kitchen exactly as you READ them.

Coffee - can't live without it although not as hard core as you, I do have lattes, albeit strong. Our Gaggia died a few months back after years of good service so I do old style Italian now on the stovetop. Tea, I also love, black with no sugar - but I cannot live without coffee. If it came to showdown, coffee would rule the day.