Monday, September 1, 2008

Ramble on Last Day Before School

How was your Labour Day weekend? Ready for school? Not me. I'm fried. Clothes dirty. Suitcases from the weekend litter the front hall...and the rooms...and I'm going to bed.

So there.

Look at this fabric (above). I love the crazed line drawing style here. What do you think? Found it purely by accident just now.

Reminds me of a great-looking book by Quentin Blake (readers will know I'm a fan) I just found on line and am thinking about getting's the problem. I guess, for me. It's actually supposed to be for ages 4 - 8. So, er, getting it for the kids. Yeah, that's right.

Sorry about the "search inside" thing. Can't get that off. Buy it at your local independent bookstore...if you ask me. ;)

Drawing for the Artistically Undiscovered.

Isn't that a great title?



13mimosa said...

I saw this book and have bought a similar one for Ella, perhaps 4 is too young, or perhaps my ideas of what she would/should do, were a little rigid. I loved it though, perhaps I should have bought it for me?

karyn said...

oh! that fabric is delightful. i want it!

if only the workroom had infinite shelves for fabric, then we'd be in really big trouble!