Monday, September 1, 2008

Easy Pants Tutorial

For those of you who saw my stinkbug shorts, this is the great tutorial I used to make them. It's on Handy Home Projects. The author seems to have a massive modern home underway and it looks cool. Anyway SparklePower was wondering about pyjama patterns and I thought this would be great to use (for the bottoms, at least) -- no side seams. And you could just use a tie or string to tie up the top and Bob's yer uncle. PJ bottoms.


I have a friend who's just purchased a Harley motorcycle. He's going through a "wild boy" phase. Think I should buy some fabric with skulls and whatnot on it -- maybe some of that crazy "Day of the Dead" fabric I've seen here and there, and make him some jammy bottoms for lounging? Boo haha....or maybe a tote bag?

That's not right.

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