Sunday, September 28, 2008

if princesses wore aprons...

A month or so ago I tried to make a birthday collage on a canvas for a friend of ours -- a girl turning 5. It was awful. No gift! Ack! Then I got busy with work...and then my machine broke. So. Finally with my machine back, I finished this apron. I think this is the best use of this fabric I've been hoarding. And that woodgrain stuff is so cute. The ties are simply organic cotton binding - it's very soft. The trim came from the little girl's grandma -- she donated a stash to me -- isn't that sweet! ? I really wanted to make her something handmade and I hope she doesn't mind too much that it's late.

Now to take the kids to cheer on hubby who's running a half marathon this morning.....banana bread and hot cocoa to bribe them. The kids, that is.


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Jodie said...

Definately fit for a princess. I love the fabric - so pretty.