Wednesday, September 24, 2008

mister two-whisker, etc.

Allright. I have lots to post so next week will be much more fun around here. But here is a rabbit...Mister Two Whisker. Daughter was helping me do the whiskers and she got bored. She is only three, after all. So...he's lop-sided. Might grow more whiskers. Might not. He's moody that way.

And, a mushroom. Given to a friend on a dishtowel...she's moving to London. Sniff. Turned out she used to be obsessed with mushrooms as a kid. So -- lucky. (Sniff).

Blue ribbon. I should give it as an award to someone. Let me think...

I dunno. My husband for being a superstar Dad the last few weeks.

And in other news, I've gone completely QUILT CRAZY thanks to a workshop at a sewing centre here (the oft-mentioned workroom). AGHGHGHGHGHGH.

I made my first one, now I'm hooked. It's wee -- 36 x 36. And not perfect. But I'm hooked.

Oh, dear.



Not enough hours in day.

Or fabric in my life....



13mimosa said...

I love mister two-whisker - leave him so - people are too obsessed with physical symmetry don't you think? Why are two ears better than one, a mono brow not as attractive as two separate ones?

karyn said...

i hope you're going to post of photo of your nine patch quilt. i totally missed seeing it!