Wednesday, September 17, 2008

...i'll be back soon...

Hi there. Not sure if anyone cares or notices my absence, but for those two or three of you who read this, I'll be back to blogging in a few days. Working my a%% off on "work"-work...several empty espresso cups on my desk at all times...

So I'm behind on sewing updates. I don't know where I am sneaking time but I do have a ton of works in progress to show (including a small quilt I'm making at the workroom! Cool class. I decided to take time for myself and it's pure joy.)

Of course all these works in progress are that -- all unfinished. WIPs. Except for one wonky Burda bastardization dress. Whew. I wore know...threads hanging everywhere. That kind of "finished".

I hope you are very well and enjoying the fall so far.

Happy creating.



karyn said...

i missed seeing your nine patch quilt last night, so i can't wait for you to post some photos of it!!!

13mimosa said...

I missed your wit - hope it's being put to good use on the paying kind of work!