Wednesday, February 4, 2009

lost in knitland

I am supposed to be working for a living. You know, making money doing what I do best. Only...the knitting is more fun.

My get-up-and-go...left.

Am I too young to retire?

What would we use for money. Magic buttons?

I am knitting obsessively. Like there's a war on and the soldiers need socks.

I actually found a #4 double-pointed needle in the bed last night when I rolled over. Glad I found it. And not my sleeping partner.

I wish I could go to the yarn store. Pretty much a constant feeling.

Will it pass?

I gather projects. I love making lists of them. And thinking about them. And starting them. Oh, I realize there's no money in it.

Many things are given away. Freebies.

I even try to make up patterns.

I might end up living in a cardboard refrigerator box. Curled up under my crazy knitted aphgan, knitting. If you see me, bring me a long espresso, okay?


Jodie said...

I'll be next door in my cardboard box with the sewing machine ....

13mimosa said...

I just knit so slow, I marvel at gals like you who can just tear through it. I really labour over knitting although I enjoy it, but only when it's cool outside, which is not now!