Sunday, February 22, 2009


Good morning.

I'm not one to boast.

But I need some lists around here.

Today we are going to review past objects made in 2008, see what was what there. Then we will create our 2009 list of projects to make. For better or worse, knitting was most recently added to the crafty category.

It's better, I think, not worse. Now my sewing bug has started to return I am feeling quite perky, craft-wise.

Last year, I appear to have made the following things....let's see here....most of this stuff was blogged with an exception here and there...

turquoise quilted cushion cover
napkins for us
pillow covers for DH's aunt
about 6 cushions for us and others (lost track!)
cotton japanese top for me (which i love...from a japanese pattern book)
wee potholder
large potholder
table runner, insulated
two yellow dresses for my daughter
shorts for my son
Log cabin pillow cover
Doll quilt
Doll face doll
Xmas black apple doll
Tiger for son

(Julian, in the fall - he's 6 now)

Apron for emma – pink princess
Bag for emma
Dinosaur creature for liam
Pencil case for aiden
Creature for luke
Cape for ben
Cushion set for mil
Bag for mum
Knitted scarf for mum
Knitted hats a plenty (12?)
Lap quilt, my first
Robe – in hibernation
Grey bubble tunic
Duck egg flowered strappy girls’ top
Fuschia silk skirt for vivien
Maroon cord embroidered skirt
Rust pillowcase dress vivi
Boy’s Hawaiian shirt
Baby book
Embroidered t-shirts (harley and flower)
Noro capelet
Two hallowe’en costumes – monster and witch:

daughter Vivien, 3


Heidi’s purple bird clutch purse
Tons of small embroideries on linen, not used yet!
Placemat set for placemat swap
Tamara kid purse
Pink tutu vivien
Robot wallet

my bulletin board...see lovely ric rac goccos i'm saving for a special fabric basket?
and my son's description of a trip to the art galler?

French napkin apron
Apron for Anna Claire
Pink chickie pillow Vivien
wee pillow Audrey
padded headboard for guest room...

speaking of which, I should post's a before of the old guest room...

(this is old guest room being converted to office for DH...I painted it all white...even the floor! Ahhhhh....must post pics!)

So now we see that even lazy crafter like myself, just puttering away at stuff, really adds up!! It feels good to have made all these things in place of purchased objects. My gifts were not always spot-on or perfect, but I felt it was important to try to make something for a gift, if possible. And to involve the children in its creation, where possible.

Next year. What's on my list for next year?

Finish son's block quilt (awful pic of in-progress)

finish daughter's strip quilt
make mysef two a-line skirts of wool-linen-bamboo fabric I found
make some casual sweat-tops with cute modifications from some finely striped fleece
(that's today's project!)
i made my son a turquoise bean-bag chair for his sixth birthday -- my daughter gets a yellow one, so i have to finish that - it's cut out

i should do something with all those wee free-hand embroideries on linen
i owe my DH an apron for his god-daughter
my son wants a red backpack - it's cut out
olive corduroy pants - i bought a ton on sale, might get 3 pairs out of it!
some fabric baskets for us and for gifts
ric-rac gocco prints might be used on the above...i am saving them...
i recently finished 2 fabric bags -- a purse for me, a car bag for a boy - i need to post pics!
I want to knit myself a mustard-coloured cardigan, and a pale blue cardigan
i would like to make some light, colourful sweaters for the children for spring
i would like to make my daughter a handsome wool spring coat, vaguely French-looking
I would like to make a quilt for our bed -- king size -- maybe large abstract rectangular pieces?
i'm making a surprise object for my Mum -- she has a gallery opening next week!!

This is a very messy post, I apologize...but I always love reading people's FO lists and what they plan to make this year.

And what about you?

have a lovely day


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