Friday, January 23, 2009

soft baby book, a trivet pad, & michelle's outfit

Good morning. This is the back of a soft book made of retro quilting fabric, as per their instructions. I made it for my baby nephew for Christmas. Though I understand he's running all over the place and may not have time to stop and read yet.

And this for his mum. A hot pad, quilted with Insulbrite so she can put a scalding pot on the table. Who does that? Here's yer mashed grits, y'all -- grab a spoon!

Okay, I so do not know what it's like in the south but I think I just insulted half of America. (Sorry, folks, I am obsessed with Louisiana due to my True Blood kick. I'm on ep 9. And finished knitting the following: hat, hat, hat, scarf, scarf, half a hat. Someday when I am not so crazy busy here at home with a tough writing schedule I will post pics of the stuff.)

So. America. What about the first lady's inaugeral outfit! Yes, yes, yes. Gold, pashmina, silk, OLIVE gloves...I mean, did you love it? I loved it. Those teal shoes were brave, too! Gutsy! What did you think?


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