Wednesday, January 28, 2009

hats, hats, hats

I've been on a hat-knitting bender. Here's one patiently modelled by my son. Look at that shaggy hair. I can't bear to cut it. It actually looks sweet without a hat on.


I love how the hat yarn stripes on its own.

I knit this hat after I learned how to rib. Aren't the colours great? For a sweet red-headed eight year old boy in Cape Breton.

Further evidence I've gone knit-nuts. Here's some yarn.

This brown stuff (sorry about photo, what's up with my iphoto? argh) is yarn for a cozy tam for my DH's aunt in New Brunswick.

(Will someone help me mail my finished projects? I'm so bad at getting down to mailing...I have several completed hats sitting on the piano near the door.)

Here's an almost-completed tam. My own design. If you want to call winging it a "design".

My son's new scarf made of scrap yarn. A few mistakes in the ribs...try to ignore that part.


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Heidi said...

lovely work bella.
nice photos.

x from LA