Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy January / Twisted Sister

Hi, y'all. I've been saying "y'all" since I have gotten suckered into watching True Blood on HBO. Addictive stuff. I knit and watch TV. It can lead to problems.

That, and using circular needles for the first time to knit a "Noro Capelet". Because...uh...the yarns was COMPLETELY TWISTED and I knitted it for "la li la"....{no idea}..."oooh, it's getting longer....loo li loo....oh, I should straighten it out to see how long it do I twist this flat?, that doesn't work.......hang, it couldn't be....uh.....what the...I KNITTED IN A TWIST???!!"


Yup. Here's the evidence. (Excuse totally erratic settings and light...light's been lousy. Winter. Pheh.)

And for a day or so I thought maybe I could learn to like it as some kind of neckwarmer. Tres chic?

Tres clown.


I UNDID all the knitting. And started again, (obsessively) making sure my yarn wasn't twisted.

Lesson learned.

I'll show you the "good" one sometime soon.


*** knitting versus sewing ***

I am TOTALLY obsessed with knitting right now. Are you? I am! Possessed! I discovered Ravelry, also. Uh oh. I mean, a big uh-oh, there goes all my time. It's so ZEN. Yet fun. The colours. The soft yarns...and chunky knitwear is so hot right now.

Anyhoo, back to sewing for a moment.

Here is a Christmas gift I can now show you. It was a hit.

Table runner for folks-in-law.

I'm not sure why, but the colour olive was clearly my fave this Christmas.

This was inspired by the Purl Bee table runner but I didn't have the desire to do applique. Instead I made a little quilt using Insulbrite.

(Picture shows it after being unwrapped and unfolded at Xmas. Thus the wrinkles. Normally it lays perfectly flat. Gotta trust me on that one.)

Top is Kokka and linen, bottom is stuff I've had since the 80s! Can you believe that? The runner is about 36 or 40" long and about 16" wide. It was immediately used for hot servers at Christmas. Yay!

I basically made an Insulbrite quilt sandwich, sewed wavy lines along the centre strip, straight lines along the linen, made a bias strip for edges -- no wait, it wasn't bias. It was straight. But I DID get a bias-tape maker for Christmas -- thanks, Mum! So I sewed the edges on with little folds. Not mitered.

You like?

I've got an even sweeter quiltier one in the works for our house. But I've been all about the knitting. Sort of a crafty A.D.D. situation. Right now I'm knitting a tam that looks more like a sweater. It's all good, baby.


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13mimosa said...

So funny, I was thinking of you and logged in to say "where are you?" and here you are. Also, today my dad dropped off their copy of ..... True Blood for us to watch with the warning "make sure you don't even think about putting it on when the girls are around" - makes me think it may be too scary for me!