Wednesday, November 5, 2008

US Presidential Election

I'm a Canadian, but WOW. What an exciting time in the history of North America. Congratulations, to friends in the US, for voting in Barack Obama.

Anyone flip around the dial watching various networks' coverage? It was hilarious on the BBC, honestly. Terrific. And Fox was very flashy so when we started to get drowsy we'd switch to the loud bells and whistles. CNN a little dull. Canadian coverage was from a distance, which I guess makes sense. Interviewing crowds, etc. Snore. But honestly, the cast of characters on BBC was brilliant. The crusty old host, a little dotty with the time change from London to Washington. Forgetting where he was. Marvelling at the high-tech map of the states. And then the lovable gap-toothed Brit historian with a big view of the marvel of it all. The insanely hostile US Amabassador to the UN (who is apparently known for throwing things at underlings.). The clever, probing questioning from the BBC reporters who wanted a random exec Republican to admit defeat. The Republican getting all angry and repeating himself. Going on the attack, petulant, saying "YOU JUST DON'T KNOW YOUR HISTORY". It was excellent. Truly.

What a night. I reluctantly fell asleep before Obama's speech, but it's right here, for instance.

By the way, wasn't it interesting to see the "Crafters for Obama" buttons on blogs?


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