Monday, November 10, 2008

Fall's To Do List

Summer is definitely gone. Shot. Vamoosed. But the up side consists of pretty weekends - light turning gold through the trees.

It won't last long...I dread winter. Winter in Canada. I KNOW. Crazy! Why don't we all move somewhere tropical? Family. Just like it is for remain close to family, therefore remain somewhere for generations. I dream of moving to Spain or a tropical place...working from home. Hosting family visits. And tossing the snowsuits.

Until then, I think it's important to appreciate just what we've got. It's a lot. My DH's family hosted us recently...they have a lovely lakeside home. It rained. But it was beautiful. With a crazy windy walk on a lake beach.

In terms of what I should be telling you about -- my crafting and sewing -- there are tons of things going on and I haven't taken any pictures! Every time I want to post something it's dark and the pictures would be awful. Until I take some, heres' a list:

Quilt for my son (turquoise, blue, white, nine patch...I'm making it up as I go along. Christmas gift. He doesn't read the blog so I'm safe. ;) )

Robe for a family member (shhh...Christmas gift)'s done, I just need to finish the hem.

Knitting -- I'm knitting with circular needles for the first time -- woo hoo! Of course I've dropped stitches and now have holes. I am going to throw myself at the mercy of someone at the knit cafe to help me. I'll pay you. Really. I'm making myself a sort of shrug (selfish? yes. 'fraid so) and for someone else a beautiful cashmere scarf. I mean, I hope I can finish it. Those stitches are SMALL. Dang. Yarn from a place in Nova Scotia, where I'm from (sniff), called the fleece artist. I never knit in the summer. Sounds like you guys are like that, too, some of you sweet bloggers. I am LOVING everyone's blogs and really have to restrain myself from reading them for hours every day. I really do.

Okay, back to knitting. I've taught myself how to knit in the continental fashion! I can't dance all continental, but I can twist wool. Just the knit stitch. (I used this video tutorial and watched it over and over again about twelve times to understand.) And this new method is so much faster that I now have a sore wrist from WHIPPING ALONG. I'll take a break today. Let the old wrist heal, then back at it. Mm, must take some extra calcium. I'm no spring chick, you know.

What else -- a half-finished burda-patterned short dress/tunic. I'll abandon that til spring - it's a warm weather item. Though we do visit family in Florida every Maybe I'll finish it after Christmas.

I'm really trying to do an all-handmade Christmas this year! But for my big strong little brother, a Dad to two boys? What the heck to make him? A scarf doesn't cut it.

A red backpack for my son, "just like Jack's" in the "Jack & Annie" books. Magic Treehouse. Are your children hooked on those? Well, they have them at J.'s Montessori school so I figured they must be okay. The writing is cliched -- but then again, kids can't usually spot a cliche. Therefore, when telling stories, I can get away from that old "boy fell down a hole and dog brings help" tale. It's all new to them, baby!

Speaking of "baby", I inadvertently taught J, 5, how to say "oooh, baby!" when faced with a meal that looks good. Weird.
Okay, back to list. I am quilting more (making a free-form quilt for my daughter V, 3, out of pinks and yellows), making cushions in a patchwork style for my in-laws for Christmas (my MIL knows...she helped me pick the labour is the gift! Lame? Hope not. I have to make them pretty, for sure!) .

Making simple guest room linen curtains. Hey, by the way. White linen. Was sort of yellowed when I bought it (didn't see it at the time -- weird) so I washed it with a little bleach and now it's MORE yellowed. What's up with that? Any tips?

I want to make fabric buckets out of the gocco prints from Jodie at Ricrac. I cannot for the life of me think of a better word than "crap" to embroider on them. Testament to her brilliance.

I better get to "work"-work....though I would LOVE to sew blocks together all morning...


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