Saturday, July 5, 2008

yay! what can i make now!?

Well, I finished my work ("work"-work) and am excited to start making things again! I have so many ideas. For example, I actually saw a cute girls' dress at the Gap (how DID I wander in there, anyway?) Indian gathered-style hippy dresses, navy with cream embroidery - and alternative version, cream with navy embroidery -- and I got inspired to make my own items. For me. :) I have handkerchief-weight navy cotton already (washed and ready to go) that I had imagined as a skirt for my daughter. Problem is I am now dreaming of making a floaty top or dress for myself...embroidered here and there with cream french knots...and stitches. I only have one dress-up dress so I need another, don't you think? Yup!

On another sewing note -- I can't find a pattern on anywhere for a tunic (I love tunics) -- you know, with a slit neck -- perhaps a little like this lovely Virginia Johnson item. Does anyone have a tip on something that? I'd appreciate advice. In the meantime, I downloaded the free top and dress patterns from Burda so I might use that as a base to start creating...

The other new thing I MUST make is my swap! I am to sew placemats and napkins for a swap and I'm excited to get to that. I'll post pics when I'm done, after the weekend.

I finished a new boy's Hawaiian-style shirt...I'll show you soon!

For now, take in these two yummy things from Nicky at Monster-Munch. Here is a poster/tutorial on how to make a sock monster. Very cute. Check out her site.

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13mimosa said...

There's a pattern in one of my Japanese books that may be what you want - if you're still looking let me know and I'll send you an image. Victoria