Monday, July 21, 2008

toys for little boys

Here are a few recent things made before or during my recent trip...I had a long unexpected bus ride so embroidery was the perfect escape and I did the robot and the boy face while travelling to Cape Breton...ahh......:)

1. a boy doll for a sweet 6-month old baby boy. I made it of organic cotton (except the pants, just some leftover cotton my mum had) so baby can chew on it.

2. a rabbit guy, for the same baby, who likes chewing on rabbit's ears, much to my delight (made this a few months ago) ...dig the whiskers, my favourite part. (I made sure they were VERY secure).

3. for a lovely five-year old boy, a small (3 1/2" tall) embroidered robot on linen...lousy photos, sorry...where was the natural light and macro setting? Hm...I dunno...

I love making these creatures...especially when I see how much plastic and nasty violent fire-breathing guys the little boys inherit...i had been dragging a big piece of linen around on my vacation and embroidering some corner or another while at the airport or wherever -- nice! But I was SO HAPPY to have my arms wrapped around my little ones again when I came home. It was the longest I had ever been away from them.

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Jodie said...

lovin the robot !