Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A cutie-pie tutorial

I just discovered Pink Penguin's tutorial on how to make a cutie-pie shabby-chic style patchwork odds'n'ends bag/basket, a pencil case (above), and a clutch-style bag. I could see her bag/basket being enlarged and making an even sturdier, and just as pretty basket for toys, towels, or magazines. Maybe in super-mod fabrics...hmm. Check it out. Also check out the excellent tutorial on how to make what she calls a "camera case" that I could see being used to make a clutch! In fact I owe my friend H. a clutch purse and we'll see how this works with fuschia silk...mmmm. But I like PP's use of linen and black. Nice.

On another note -- I haven't forgotten about my giveaway recipients! I'll send those treats out soon. A work deadline is eating up my crafty hoo...:<


ayumills said...

Thanks, Ella, for introducing my tutorials! I'm sure enlarging the fabric basket and the camera case will give you a lot more options! Thanks;) xoxo

Anonymous said...

i love the clutch but now i'm thinking black with colourful little fixin's...mmm...

no rush ella, just putting it out there.