Thursday, March 5, 2009

paperwhites and a new table

How decadent.
We have a new table!

Once in a long while I enter the dining area in my house and the light is so lovely, it seems to erase dirt, scratches, cheap office chairs' hideousness...and it looks quite nice. It's my favourite spot in the house. We have a lovely fellow named Thomas King (via Smash) to thank; he designed and made our table over the Christmas holidays - we didn't have a table for Christmas dinner. We were using my Ikea MDF table covered in a table-cloth.

You can see some of the grey left on the boards. I love that.

The new table is made of old barnboard coated in a thick laquer and screwed to a base of steel. We're happy with it. Plus, with the addition of these crazy thick layers of self-levelling laquer, it wipes clean perfectly, too. We went to "Smash" in Toronto to ask for advice on having a rustic table built for less than a fortune. They were so helpful and great there. I recommend it, and Thomas.

Just thought I'd share. I love seeing pictures of other bloggers' homes. I will probably never show you the rooms full of debris and chaos....but they certainly exist. Don't let this perfectly-lit sweet spot fool you. I recall I kicked the toys and laundry away into a corner. And the curtains need hemming. Bonus if you spot the pins. And you can see a sliver of red laundry bag there on the left....



Heidi said...

so beautiful.
thanks for sharing ella.

Kym said...

Beautiful table! I love the glossy shine.

Your house sounds like mine. I have to angle the camera just so to avoid the clutter and mess about the place.

lynne said...

oh my, what a beautiful, peaceful spot! that table is to die for.