Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hello, Dolly

Having a rest.

Here is a doll I made (with help) recently, based on Emily's adorable Black Apple dolls
that many of you may have seen.

I love her.

This gal has orangey-blonde "hair" (velvet), a pale pink body, embroidered face (Emily paints hers), a recycled cashmere sweater dress, and boots made of bits of an old scarf that was accidentally felted. One night my guy actually helped me finish her and stuff her little legs. He carefully used a knitting needle to poke stuffing into limb ends.

It was a lovely night -- my man and me, crafting up a storm. A new trend? Nah. It didn't take. Manhood intact. ;}

But he had to admit later, he was pretty damn good at stuffing dolls. If he cared to do such a thing again.

Have a great day.

xo, ella

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