Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Fever

(editorialized December 29)

Bad photo taken at night of current blocks...

Here's what's up:(stand by for pics...i'm back, baby)

Sewing a cloth book (done! cute! no photo! aghghg),
making runners (okay finished one for in-laws...heat-proof and cute),
secretly making quilt blocks for a quilt that is likely going too take too long to be in time for Christmas (yep...coming up, though)
organizing a massive truffle manufacturing plant in my kitchen with a staff of two preschoolers (that worked out SO WELL..get this -- although we spent $ on realy good chocolate, it was worth it -- we had gifts enough for six teachers and five friends and relatives!..we ended up buying cute xmas-y boxes at the dollar store to tie up with ribbon and a hand-written ingredient tag...)
shopping for books, pyjamas, slippers, and hats on line (lovely, will do that again for sure),
living without a dining room table and debating what to do for Christmas (we got it and it's tres cool -- thanks, Smash!),
waiting for fabric to arrive from Australia (yummy...and I'm about to make some small sweet treats, maybe fabric baskets or dishtowels...hmm),
bothering the mailman by popping out when he is on our front steps (our regular guy is back and i love him -- he comes at 12:30 instead of 3:30 because it makes sense to him -- and it's great for us...he said the substitute delivery person we had for two weeks is a by-the-booky guy who follows the route according to book...and left us with mail at 3:30),
putting up twinkle lights across the top of the piano (and our old reliable ikea twinkle wreath, love that thing),
sneaking out to Sephora in the evening with my mother, to gleefully shop and test perfume (I don't have any galpals here I can do that with) (alas too poor for perfume this far...haha),
stressing about a brake job for the car (done...boring),
searching for the elves who might be watching,
knitting secretly (done! cashmere scarf for Mum out of this gorgeous watery-coloured Fleece Artist yarn...will post a pic),
and wondering just who should get the fuzzy fleece blanket I'm whipping up....(the back of our covers three people at once...and i didn't "finish" it...just threw the fabric in there and let it do its job. The back of the car of a filthy kid-crumb-covered

I'm finished with my latest writing deadline -- phew -- hallelujah -- and so now spend time with kids and in the real world. ( deadline, january 5TH! eek) However -- blog here is suffering mightily. I'll be back, I promise.
(I'm back.)



Jodie said...

That peanut butter book looks scary

vanessaann said...

hey, i popped over from girl number twenty. your squares look great! and the photo in your last post is hilarious! how funny!

Heidi said...

finally...she's back!!
save a truffle for me

13mimosa said...

So long as you're okay. Have you noticed, I'm giving the quilting lark a shot.

ps love that book!

13mimosa said...

Belated Merry Christmas and hope you're not suffering from too big a Happy New Year!

Kellie H said...

oh I think the I love Peanut butter is grand!!!! I loooove peanut butter. how ol dis it?